The Fun and Easy Way to Connect

Meeting new people can be hard. Our games make it fun and easy for team members to connect at strategic meetings and team events!

How our Games Work

A Story

Games tie into your company’s value proposition or the theme of your event in a playful way, inviting team members to discover topics from a different perspective.

Four Fun Chats

While they play, team members have the chance to chat with four new people. The games include questions to spark new conversations and support introverts.  

A Prize

Each game contains a prize. This incentivizes engagement and helps you create measurably more connection at your event!

And Insights!

The digital layer of the game provides insights into how many people played, the new people they met, plus feedback they have!

Ways to Play

Whether you're meeting for a day or a week: we've got a gameplan!

What our customers say

"The game nudged 40% of the team to talk to someone new during the event!"

Maria Kamischke

VP People & Culture, Lingoda

"Everyone was mingling across teams from the minute they arrived via a fun game Celbretti created."

Amie Stevense

Director of Talent Development & Engagement, Mondu

"Many of our colleagues used it and struck up conversations with people they wouldn't have otherwise had, and we got to know each other on a bit more of a personal level :)"

Allie Beadsley

Head of Talent Management & Culture, GoStudent

Press Play on Team Connection!

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