Unforgettable Team Events in Berlin

Create a team event that connects and delights - the easy way!

Create a Unique Celebration

Connect Your Team

Save Time

Celebrations bring teams together.

But they also take a lot of time and effort to plan. With Celbretti, you can treat your team to an unforgettable event - without the stress!

How Celbretti makes unforgettable team events easy:

At the core of each memorable event is a creative idea.  Need help finding a great idea for your next event? Book a free 20-minute Idea Session with us to get going!
Organizing a great event is a lot of work! Celbretti saves you time by handling all the event coordination. Quickly get an in-budget offer with great partners and let us handle all the coordination!
Team events are all about connection, but it can be hard for team members to mingle. Our icebreaker games help team members connect in a fun and easy way - making your event more memorable!
"Celbretti coordinated a graffiti art activity and created an icebreaker game for our team of 220. The game nudged 40% of the team to talk to someone new during the event! I appreciated their ideas and reliability and would recommend working with them for large events and offsites."

Maria Kamischke

VP People & Culture at Lingoda

"Celbretti helped us organize our winter party and we had an absolute blast :) Loved the location and the catering - everything was super! I won't hesitate to reach out for future events."

Ermis Zacharopoulos

Head of People Growth and Experience at Pleo

"Huge thanks to Celbretti for being our secret weapon in organizing our winter party - they got our vibe spot on! Everyone was mingling across teams from the minute they arrived via a fun game Celbretti created, and the food, décor and music all matched perfectly to our cozy winter wonderland vision.''

Amie Stevense

Director of Talent Development & Engagement at Mondu

3 Steps to an Unforgettable Event

1. Complete the Event Planner: Answer 7 questions and tell us about the event you're planning. It's easy peasy lemon squeezy!

2. Get an Offer: Based on your answers to the Event Planner, we'll create an Offer with locations that are available (and in budget!)

3. Get Started: Like what you see? Confirm and give your team an event to remember!

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