Connecting Teams to do their Best Work.  

Find events that help teams of 100-300 connect - the easy way!

How we help teams connect

From strategy to planning to custom games that nudge connection: our offer has everything you need for your team's best event!


If you want to:
Create an impactful event that improves team collaboration and drives bolder work.  
What we deliver:
An event strategy defined by an HR expert based on your input and team metrics.

• A creative concept that fits your team's vibe and company culture.

• The right agenda that keeps your team's energy high and helps you make the most of your time.


If you want to:
Get help finding and coordinating unique locations, caterers, and activities.
What we deliver:
Identification of the right partners for the location, catering, and activities based on your input, budget, and company culture.

All partner coordination, including legal check and invoicing.


If you want to:
Mix up the crowd and get your team members to meet new people at your event.
What we deliver:
• Creation of custom games with a digital layer that nudge your team members to have meaningful conversations with new people.

• Delivery of engagement insights that show you the impact of your event.

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