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What our customers have to say about Our picnics

We recently had our daughter’s birthday party and used Celbretti to organize a picnic, which was amazing! Customer service is great, everything was set up on time, decoration was perfect, food was delicious! They also pick up afterwards so you really get to enjoy your celebration without the hassle. I would definitely recommend Celbretti and plan on using them in the future!

Karla K.

Loved it! Thank you so much!

Jasmin M.

We had a lovely afternoon in the park thanks to Celbretti! The great team basically takes all the annoying parts of meeting in the park away, turns your favorite spot into a whimsical place to meet and ....we were simply enjoying ourselves! Totally recommend it!

Jules B.

They set up a beautiful picnic with delicious finger food. Great customer service!!


It was a wonderful day, thank you very much! 

Melissa T.

The team feedback was AMAZING. Everyone had a good time and was pleasantly surprised by the amazing picnic. Thanks again for everything!


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