• Welcome to Berlin’s Premium Picnic

Welcome to Berlin’s Premium Picnic

The Idea

Included in our premium picnic service

An Italian Picnic Spread

Picnics come with an Italian spread, including an assortment of antipasti, Caprese salad, bruschetta, crusty baguette, fresh grapes, and chocolates. The spread can be tailored for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and meat eaters alike.

An All-Inclusive Drinks Package

Each picnic comes with water for the table as well as coolers of wine, beer, and soft drinks. No need to calculate how many bottles you'll need: we've generously stocked the coolers for a party that pops.

A Bad-Weather-Proof Location

In the spring and summer months our picnics take place outside, with pavillions to protect them from any chance of rain. During the fall and winter, our picnics can be set up at your office for surprising twist!

Organizational Support

Organizing a Celbretti picnic is a walk in the park! Answer three questions to receive a quote. If the offer fits, we'll send a survey link so your team can vote on a date and submit dietary restrictions. Lastly, we'll prepare a Google Calendar invite with all the information.